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The autumn season begins!

With this time the weather changes. It becomes cold and windy.
2 factors that weaken our immune system. In order to continue to feel healthy, we should start early and Strengthen the immune system.

Original ©INNOVA-NADH (made by GNP) with Cistus helps us support the immune system & tastes good at the same time.

frau und maedchen nadh cistus

The autumn season begins!

With this time the weather changes. It becomes cold and windy. 2 factors that weaken our immune system.

Nadh Cistus helps us to support the immune system & strengthen the defenses & tastes good.


Prof. Hademar Bankhofer (AUT)

NADH is the most important and only endogenous co-enzyme, that is involved in over 1,000 metabolic processes every day At the same time, it is the strongest antioxidant. NADH is scientifically proven by studies. Therefore I have been taking GNP-NADH products daily for years, because they give me life force, keep me fit and healthy, strengthen my immune system. A strong immune system is vital!

"NADH is good for all people!"

GNP – Innova Swiss NADH als Alternative zu BIRKMAYER NADH

Unser NADH ist aus der ORIGINAL NX10 Formel entwickelt worden. Außerdem ist es geprüft & seit über 20 Jahren unschlagbar in seiner Qualität. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst. Die Lieferung ist kostenlos

Dr. med Stefan Hammer

Dr. med. Stefan Hammer (AUT): The special thing about GNP-NADH products is functional combination of NADH with other natural active ingredients. The GNP company is constantly and specifically oriented towards the needs of its customers and the demands of the present. In times like these special attention is paid to Strengthening the body's defenses (immune system) - vitality in old age - and a healthy, youthful appearance value. GNP-NADH products and me, support you!

01 You can perform your HEALTHCARE CHECK painlessly at any time - even at home!
02 Where? At the doctor, therapist, alternative practitioner, at home, on vacation, in the office, with friends etc.!
03 BQAS is able to perform 41 evaluations in 60 seconds.
In great demand today - The health check also works for "Corona / COVID 19 symptoms" Impressive measurement results
BQAS - BIO QUANTUM ANALYSIS SYSTEM Early detection increases the chances of recovery! Important in "COVID 19" times: The BQAS device also measures your IMMUNSYSTEM and the LUNG, evaluates the measurement results immediately!
…go for a health check!

Rapid cell energy supply - ensures energy balance in the body
(ohne Magnesiumstearat)

  • BUSINESS NADH pure is highly dosed with 20 mg NADH per lozenge (LZ).
  • BUSINESS NADH ingredients are: NADH, 20 mg (per LZ).
  • BUSINESS NADH recommended by: Stress, tiredness, exhaustion, lack of concentration and reaction
  • NADH Coenzyme 1 as active ingredient, is certified by the I.O.C. as doping-free (important for athletes).
  • BUSINESS NADH has been tested by AGES Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety according to the EU HEALTH CLAIMS REGULATION guidelines, with certified authenticity confirmed.



  • The Laser-Watch is an innovative 3-in-1 device that applies the latest findings in the field of low-energy laser therapy. The capillary microscope controls the results! You can follow the therapy and tune it exactly!
  • It combines acupuncture, local pain therapy and external blood irradiation.
  • The laser light causes an increased production of the hormone melatonin. At the same time the blood circulation is stimulated. Can be used in cases of dizziness, poor circulation and poor circulation.
  • Directly irradiated acupuncture points calm the nerves and the heart rhythm and lead to muscle relaxation.

About 5 million people in Germany are affected by a circulatory disorder!                                                                                        Quelle:

Doctors advise Covid-19 preventive measures: People should increasingly Light stimulation and laser therapy to adjust the blood flow velocity to  Normal oder auf Schnell especially if there is a risk of infection with COVID-19 (ubiquitous)
If the blood flow is accelerated, the blood is supplied with sufficient oxygen and thus prevents blood thickening, which in turn can lead to blood clots, thrombosis. As the blood thickens and the flow in the heart and lungs slows down, the person cannot breathe and dies. These preventive and effective measures are especially important for people who have a blood problem. They are much more at risk, compared to other people, should they become infected.

Important: With the capillary microscope (shown and described in the store) the blood circulation is made visible! After each Laser-Watch therapy the blood flow in the capillaries easy to recognize. Treatment with the Laser Watch is free of side effects. 

Nail bed capillary microscopy is currently the best method for analyzing microcirculation disorders in rheumatic diseases. Capillary microscopy means microscopy of the smallest vessels (capillaries). Capillary microscopy is used to examine the smallest blood vessels on the nail bed just below the surface with a special microscope. If they show special patterns, this can be an indication of a rheumatic disease. The method is completely painless and non-invasive. Translated with (free version)

On this page you will find numerous health tips - and all of them have to do with nature. This is a matter close to my heart: you should not replace the doctor. They give you the opportunity to prevent and cure diseases with natural means and methods. If you follow these tips, you do not have to fear any side effects

This team supports the research, development and production of
Unser Expertenteam
Manuela Rohracker
Manuela Rohracker (AUT-BRD)

Nutritionist, health consultant, psychological consultant, INNOVA-SWISS training manager

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