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Wilhelm Gudelow

Board of Directors of INNOVA SWISS AG

Our company was founded in 2016 with the aim of gaining an exclusive foothold in the European market with world-first medical technology devices. Our products are medical lifestyle devices, which are offered to doctors, therapists, alternative practitioners as well as end users.

The LASER WATCH to promote blood circulation, or the new HAND-COLD-LASER (registered with "SWISSMEDIC") for Wound and pain therapies, just to name a few. "LIFESTYLE-PLAYER" - "playing device", however, we have to call the BQAS BIO QUANTUM ANALYSIS device, because it is neither recognized by science, orthodox medicine, let alone by electronics experts - because it is quasi only a "LIFESTYLE-PLAYER" playing with body function analyses. Naturally, complementary physicians and alternative thinking, health-conscious people see this differently!

INNOVA-SWISS AG has established a very good international reputation in the medical technology sector under the management of Mr. Jens-Peter Graf (procurement and sales of equipment) with perfect service and punctual delivery, even in this short market presence.

The cooperation with the international group of companies GNP GLOBAL NATURE PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION INC. Oregon USA (CEO Mr. Ernest E. Kraxner) led to our entry into the dietary supplement market. We distribute since 2018 also in exclusive "private label presentation" the complete NADH products assortment of GNP.

Our attention is always focused on customers and we strive to meet the requirements placed on us or demanded by the market in the best possible way.

In this sense, stay and/or become healthy.


Wilhelm Gudelow


ernest-kraxner-ceo armani suit

Ernest E. Kraxner

CEO - GNP INTERNATIONAL & General Licensor for as well as Asia, Africa as well as Europe and the U.A.E. through INNOVA-SWISS AG.

The best for your health!

INNOVA SWISS AG is the exclusive sales partner of GNP GLOBAL NATURE PRODUCTS Oregon/USA (General Distributor worldwide) and sublicensor for Europe and the U.A.E.. Thus authorized to acquire country distributors in European countries and in the U.A.E..

GNP GLOBAL NATURE PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION INC. was founded in 2005 in OREGON/USA, of which I am still CEO. 2006 we founded an independent branch office for Europe, GNP/Gleisdorf/Austria, and started as the first company worldwide, the production with high-dosed NADH sublingual lozenges (LP) (20 mg NADH per LP).

Fast-acting, sublingual lozenges were already a real sales hit in the USA at that time, because by absorbing the active ingredients through the mucous membranes of the mouth, they reach the brain directly and thus ensure a rapid, unimpaired effect.

After the last living NADH patent also expired in 2017, (Prof. Birkmayer patents: US 5,332,727 - 5,654,288 - 5,712,259 - EP 0697859 - EP 961006612.9 - DE 69403656 T2) GNP started the production of NADH tablets, gastric acid resistant filmed.

Currently, GNP-NADH assortment includes 17 NADH products (i.e. 10 lozenges - 1 micro tablet and 6 tablets). GNP-NADH products are successfully sold outside Europe also in China and Taiwan, as well as in the Arabic region. GNP started with the lozenge AX|10 NADH plus Spriulina, today called CX|10 - NADH plus Chlorella (NATURAL BODY DETOXIFICATION), followed in 2007 with the 2nd lozenge SX|10 NADH plus L-Arginine (LIBIDOENERGY for MAN & WOMAN). This lozenge subsequently found numerous imitators, but is still, due to the GNP formula and special dosage, unchallenged, together with "BUSINESS NADH"- NADH pure, the number 1 on the international market.

The same applies to the price/performance of GNP NADH PRODUCTS, whose product range today includes 16 NADH products (i.e. 9 lozenges - 1 micro tablet and 6 tablets). GNP NADH products are successfully sold outside Europe also in China and Taiwan.

What makes the success? GNP stands for the guaranteed authenticity of the products! All NADH products (dietary supplements) for Europe/USA and Asia, GNP/USA has produced in patent-protected formula and private label on a license basis exclusively in Austria. GNP NADH products are also generally blistered to protect against humidity, i.e. made diffusion-proof.

The from GNP/USA exclusively with doctors, biologists and nutritionists developed NADH products, are tested by the Austrian Agency for Food Safety "AGES" or by the Technical University/Graz - Prof. Dr. Werner Pfannhauser, according to the guidelines of the EROPEAN HEALTH CLAIMS REGULATIONS and certified as marketable - Free Sales Certificate (FSC).

Our distribution partners are: Pharmacies, drugstores, wellness and beauty hotels, doctors, therapists, alternative practitioners and nutritionists, as well as selected Internet providers. A special thanks to the numerous loyal customers (end users), who are convinced of the effect of our products, because of which also became regular customers.

The special promotion that has been running for a year now: buy 2 packs of one NADH product plus 1 other, different NADH product included free of charge to get to know it, has been gratefully accepted by customers! We thank you for the large number of orders and have extended this special promotion.

For quality, seriousness, price/performance and delivery punctuality GNP-NADH products have been evaluated and awarded.

Thank you to all national and international customers for your trust over many years.

NADH is good for all people!


Ernest E. Kraxner


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