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NADH for regeneration in case of cell damage 

Covid-19 continues to keep the world on tenterhooks!

The Corona virus has gripped the world and thrown it off balance. Fear of getting sick is increasing, especially among older people (the so-called risk group). Fear is always bad, because fear has to do with the lungs and Covid-19 affects the lungs - we know from general medicine and alternative medicine.

Conclusion: Fear is out of place, because there is always hope.

- Vaccination is associated with risk

- not vaccinate also

- NADH is risk-free

Covid-19 has one target group - older people - but not only!

We are already aware that older people, especially those with chronic diseases, are more susceptible to infection than young people. However, this does not mean that this virus generally spares young people. A fatal error, as experience has shown us!

What causes this virus?

The origin of the Covid-19 infection is still unclear. However, it is known that this virus mainly attacks the immune system, consequently destroying the DNA of the cells. The consequences are a lack of oxygen and energy throughout the body and at the cellular level. Unlike the flu virus, which primarily affects the upper respiratory tract, the Corona virus does not damage the respiratory tract immediately, nor are the symptoms as pronounced. The Corona virus spreads rapidly throughout the body via the bloodstream. Rather, it immediately attacks the inner lining of the blood vessels - this is called "VIREMIA" - with dangerous consequences. It leads to the formation of blood clots with it to blood circulation disturbances connected with substantial organ dysfunctions!
That Covid 19 disease is associated with an imbalance in the body's energy balance is beyond doubt. If the energy level in the body drops drastically so that the energy balance can no longer be controlled, this inevitably leads to death. Without energy no life!
Elderly patients in particular are at risk, as they often have pre-existing conditions, consequently slower energy metabolism. Also, increased catabolism (degradation of chemical compounds), the breakdown reactions of metabolism, of NAD(H) in ADP-ribosylation of proteins, in repairing DNA damage, may explain the increased susceptibility in the elderly to acute respiratory symptoms of covid-19 disease.

What is the role of NADH in viral or bacterial induced cell damage?

As a preventive measure, the daily supply of NADH coenzyme 1 is recommended to restore the energy balance in the body. It has also been proven that NADH can not only compensate for the lack of energy in a natural way, but also regenerate DNA in the cells and thus prevent possible cell death.
It is well established that NAD+ and NADH are enablers of numerous important biological processes, most significantly in the aging process. Because of this, the administration of potent immunomodulatory factors such as NADH supplements can prevent excessive activation of pro-inflammatory cytokines and help regulate both the signs of aging and inflammatory processes. As the most important antioxidant, NADH helps maintain and restore the body's defense and energy balance. An increase in NAD levels will also lead to a stabilization of telomeres, causing a positive influence on the function of immune cells.

NADH stands for cell renewal!

Increase of NAD level will also lead to stabilization of telomeres, thus has a positive impact on immune cell function. Telomeres allow cells to divide without losing gene information. Cell division is necessary for the renewal of the skin, the formation of new blood cells, bones and other cells.

The misconception at Covid-19!

The media, including our politicians, tell us that the disease is harmless in the majority of people infected with Covid -19 - in some cases without any significant signs, which gives the deceptive appearance that these people are healthy. A fatal error, as it turns out. Meanwhile, a mutated post-Covid syndrome has also been found to cause chronic fatigue. The reports of sequelae associated with COVID-19 disease, are often occurrence of persistent fatigue, exhaustion and listlessness (fatigue), respiratory distress and neuropsychological symptoms, as well as the occurrence of cardiovascular and renal failure and diabetes. These conditions can last up to a year and, if left untreated, can trigger chronic diseases.

Even science recommends NADH!

Through numerous researches in recent months, science is now aware that the possible cause of such diseases is a disturbed energy production in the mitochondria and oxidative stress, accompanied by chronic inflammatory processes. Especially for these patients it is highly recommended to take a NADH supplement. Functionally combined NADH products (NADH combined with efficient, high-quality, natural active ingredients) such as NADH plus Cistus with antiviral and antibacterial effect, are advisable. Especially, after recovering from the viral disease, it is particularly important to start with the most powerful antioxidant NADH strengthen the immune system, protect against free radicals, stimulate metabolism and maintain energy balance in the body.

Effect of NADH Coenzyme 1

Numerous studies in the USA and Europe confirm the ability and therapeutic effect of NADH.
These clinical studies suggest that NADH has the following helpful effects:
⦁ NADH coenzyme 1 supplies fresh energy to the cells
⦁ NADH coenzyme 1 helpfully delays cell aging, thereby increasing life expectancy.
⦁ NADH coenzyme 1 reduces fatigue, listlessness.
⦁ NADH coenzyme 1 strengthens the immune system
⦁ NADH coenzyme 1 as a powerful antioxidant scavenges free radicals
⦁ NADH coenzyme 1 helps regulate inflammatory processes
⦁ NADH coenzyme 1 improves memory performance,
⦁ NADH coenzyme 1 promotes concentration and mental clarity, responsiveness.
⦁ NADH coenzyme 1 helps in neurodegenerative diseases.
⦁ NADH coenzyme 1 supports the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine (which is an endogenous messenger that acts as a stress hormone and neurotransmitter).
⦁ NADH coenzyme 1 promotes mood elevation in depression and provides emotional balance.

NADH cells_virus stop

There is no reasonable way around NADH!

NADH as a dietary supplement is effectively used preventively for cell damage caused by viruses or bacteria.
Very important: NADH Coenzyme 1 is free of side effects, interaction-free, effective and safe. This is guaranteed by a high level of international studies. It can be used in all people in the world, especially the elderly and patients with chronic diseases. (Editorial in own thing: All GNP-NADH products are also caffeine-free, sugar-free, doping-free, vegetarian therefore 100% suitable for diabetics).
Internationally published media report from

How to protect yourself with nadh

Vaccinations against the Corona virus - what you should consider!

For a vaccine to work at all, not only attenuated pathogens enter the body, but also additives. Vaccine adjuvants have an effect on the immune system and at the same time preserve the vaccine, provided they actually work. The side effects, which can range from harmless to life-threatening, should not be underestimated. Therefore, a natural elimination of the harmful substances is advisable.

How could vaccines be discharged, because all these vaccine adjuvants one does not really want to have in the body? Therefore, quite a few people ask themselves how one could best discharge these vaccines after one or more vaccinations, i.e. how a detoxification of the vaccinations could be implemented?

In the high-quality GNP-NADH products find to the strongest antioxidant NADH functionally combined active substances, which promote an elimination of the pollutants, like:

  • CHLORELLA freshwater algae
  • Minerals
  • Trace elements
  • Glutathione
  • Astaxanthin

which help detoxification via the excretory organs liver, kidneys, intestines, either rapidly or over a longer period of time.

The regular intake of NADH coenzyme 1 provides:

  • for cell energy supply
  • stimulates the metabolism
  • strengthens the immune system
  • regenerates already damaged cells
  • serves to strengthen the organs of elimination.

Doctors and scientists agree

Covid19 is potentially caused by impaired energy production, oxidative stress and chronic inflammatory processes. Fear of contracting Covid-19 can further weaken the body.

In order to specifically counteract a possible occurrence of the dangerous post-Covid-19 syndrome, it is recommended to take NADH supplements as a preventive measure. In any case, it is advisable to take NADH products in the recovery phase, after surviving a coronavirus disease. Please take a look at the GNP-NADH product range and choose the product of your choice.

Also in COVID-19 vaccinations - NADH is an effective cell protection without side effects.
NADH leads to an extension of the lifespan and vitality of cells, tissues and organs. Especially the power plants of our cells, the mitochondria, have a crucial importance for the regulation of cell division and the repair of damaged cells. If these are defective, the cell perishes.

All this, of course, exceeds the scope of preventive application, but should only give an indication of how to imagine the protective effects of NADH.

Cell-protective properties of NADH were already proven by Zhang et al. in 1998. This study showed a positive influence of NADH against the damaging effect of the cytostatic drug doxorubin - a cell toxin used in oncology. At the same time, NADH also suppressed collateral damage to certain neurons by inhibiting the enzyme PARP (activated by the toxic lesions).

In 1999, NADH was even shown to have an inhibitory effect in certain types of tumors (fibroadenoma and laryngeal carcinoma) (Slade). Furthermore, in 1998, Xie et Fiedler found a correlation between metastases and NADH-dependent production of nitric oxide.

In 2000, Xu et al. were also able to demonstrate the protective effect on healthy cells that had been exposed to various cytostatic drugs. The cells were protected by NADH from the self-destruction (apoptosis) that would otherwise occur. Similar results were obtained by May et. al (in 2000) in liver cells.

As a supplement, we refer to "Burgerstein's Handbook of Nutrients" (2000). This is about niacin, the substance from which NADH is formed.

"Niacin is essential for the synthesis of certain proteins found in cell nuclei in an association with DNA. These proteins, called histones, are important as tools for repairing breaks in DNA edges produced by oxidation, radiation or other environmental stressors."


Buy now a NADH product of your choice, you will automatically receive, free of charge, a second NADH product for Testing to it!

Internationally published media report by GNP GLOBAL NATURE PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION INC. MEDICAL CENTER Oregon/USA Salem, 2020-12-02

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Every morning in the morning I take the NADH Business from Innova-Swiss, it tastes very good and I notice already after a few minutes an increased energy supply.

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