Bath bag
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Bath bag


- Large waterproof canvas shoulder bath bag

- Material: Polyester
- RRP € 27.50 incl. VAT.
- Prompt delivery - - carriage paid

While stocks last! Legal action excluded!

NEW Action-A3: 6 + 1 + 1 blister box + 1 bio magnetic bracelet + the new bath bag!

With order from 6 (six) NADH products of your choice, you get  1 (one) more, other NADH product, free of charge for testing... plus 1 BLISTERBOX, plus 1 BIO MAGNET ARMBAND... plus 1 new BADETASCHE from INNOVA-SWISS in addition!

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New Action-A3:
When ordering 6 or more NADH products of your choice, you will receive 1 additional NADH product, + 1 blister box + 1 magnetic energy bracelet + 1 new BADETASCHE from INNOVA-SWISS, free of charge!