BQAS - the original from the manufacturer -
LIFESTYLE-PLAYER-BQAS - the original from the manufacturer - with online training
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LIFESTYLE-PLAYER-BQAS - the original from the manufacturer - with online training



Scalar wave meter for self-health check.

BQAS Herbst-Aktion 2023!

Bei Bestellung eines BQAS Gerätes – bis einschließlich 31. Oktober 2023 – ist folgendes, im Gesamtwert von € 325,50, gratis dabei:
*Die BQAS-ONLINE-SCHULUNG im Wert von € 199,00
*Ein UV-Desinfektions-Lampe im Wert von € 99,00
*Eine INNOVA-SWISS Badetasche im Wert von € 27,50


Delivery time: gegenwärtig ausverkauft –  lieferbar ab 10. Oktober 2023! Daher wurde auch die Sonderaktion verlängert! Orders before 10am will be shipped the same day by DPD!

Delivery to EU countries: from central warehouse/Austria - carriage paid to customer

Delivery within Switzerland: immediately from the new Swiss sub-store/CH-8585 Langrickenbach - carriage paid!


(incl. postage costs, 2 years warranty)

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BQAS Herbst-Aktion 2023!

Bei Bestellung eines BQAS Gerätes ab sofort bis einschließlich 30. September 2023 ist folgendes gratis dabei:
*Die BQAS-ONLINE-SCHULUNG im Wert von € 199,00
*Ein UV-Desinfektions-Lampe im Wert von € 99,00
*Eine INNOVA-SWISS Badetasche im Wert von € 27,50

BQAS - the preventive precaution

Health is priceless - prevention is not! Always be one step ahead!

A) Important - Apple Mac Book The BQAS - Without online training Works on Microsoft-Operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 and also on Apple MacBook provided that one of the aforementioned Windows operating systems is installed!

B) Important:  "I suddenly can't save the BQAS reports in pdf"! Solution: Due to Windows Update's rights can be transferred back to Windows, e.g. the Standard printer controlThis Hook is in the Settings/Printer again to Remove and with it BQAS again perform the pdf printing.

Att.: For persons with a pacemaker or electronic implants in the body, BQAS measurements must not be performed. In the event of non-compliance, the distributor and the manufacturer accept no liability whatsoever.

BQAS is not a medical device. As a scalar wave measuring device evaluates the frequency of the cells. It is one of the newest therapy devices in Europe!

The BQAS device allows you to perform a HEALTH CHECK at any time. Easily evaluate 41 body cell analyses in 60 seconds, even at home - without a lab!

Important: Software updates are continuously provided free of charge for downloading. The BQAS device is readjusted twice a year.

"BQAS when quality is desired"!

Your advantages

No crowded waiting rooms!

No painful blood sampling!

What experts say about BQAS


Dr. med. Stefan Hammer - Heidenreichstein / Austria

Physician for general medicine, manual medicine, spa medicine, emergency medicine, occupational medicine and nutritional advice.

With the BQAS - BIO QUANTUM ANALYSIS SYSTEM, it is possible at any time to HEALTH CHECK-UP in which a total of 41 body cell functions are analyzed within one minute!

Note: A BQAS measurement does not replace laboratory blood analysisBQAS measurements only measure the frequencies of the cells. In case of health problems, please consult your trusted physician.

Please keep this in mind: Early detection increases the chances of recovery!

The new BQAS ambidextrous measurement (2 hand-held measuring rods) ensures accurate, balanced measurement data!


  • People who want to grow old healthy
  • People who leave nothing to chance and make a health provision
  • People who want to be constantly informed about their body functions
  • People who provide preventive health care
  • people for whom "early detection increases chances of recovery" is important

Important for the BQAS application:

When testing with your BQAS device, use always the same computer, the same notebook or tablet, with Windows software (not compatible with Apple or Linux). Since the electrical energy in the human body is constantly changing (BQAS measurements are based on scalar waves), it is possible that with the same BQAS device but different computers, notebooks or tablets you may get different results after testing.

The theory of the quantum changes to the same extent as the feelings in a person change during a day. Since energy in the human body changes continuously, the frequencies from the cells can therefore also be different.


BQAS analyzes 41 body cell functions within 60 seconds.

BQAS measurement results are displayed on screen within seconds and can be saved and/or printed.

BQAS is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics, already researched and developed in Skalar medicine, to measure the highly sensitive magnetic field of our cells. The software was further developed and completed in the USA and recalibrated for the BQAS.

The electromagnetic waves and frequencies emitted by BQAS penetrate the skin to stimulate its natural frequency. Scalar waves dock onto the body parts by means of fed-in frequency signals in order to build up a resonance.

The bundling of the scalar wave radiation at the resonance receiver causes that despite low transmission power, the energy density is high enough in any case, both in case of surplus and shortage. Via the sensor, the quantum values of nutrition and diseases can be balanced.

Based on the cell communication in the body it is now possible with BQAS to gain knowledge about physical conditions, deficiencies and system surpluses.

BQAS stores the analyzed data, determines the current health status, shows the physical target and actual status and documents identified risk factors.

BQAS analysis results should be discussed exclusively with the physician, therapist or alternative practitioner of confidence, especially if indicated limit values (red range) are exceeded, so that specific therapy measures can be initiated together. In case of violation, the person placing the BQAS device on the market will not assume any liability.

The 41 measurable body cell functions are:

  1. Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Function
  2. Function gastrointestinal
  3. Function Liver
  4. Function colon
  5. Gall bladder function
  6. Function Pancreas
  7. Function kidneys
  8. Function Lung
  9. Function of brain nerves
  10. Bone Disease
  11. Bone mineral density
  12. Rheumatic bone disease
  13. Bone Growth Index
  1. Blood sugar
  2. Trace elements
  3. Vitamins
  4. Amino acids
  5. Coenzymes
  6. Gland system
  7. Immune System
  8. Homotoxins
  9. Heavy Metals
  10. Basic physical quality
  11. Allergy
  12. Obesity
  13. Skin
  14. Eyes
  1. Collages
  2. Channels and collaterals
  3. Pulse of heart and brain
  4. Blood lipids
  5. Gynecology (female)
  6. Breast (female)
  7. Menstrual cycle (female)
  8. Prostate (male)
  9. Male sexual function (only male)
  10. Sperm Seeds (male)
  11. Element of humans
  12. Comprehensive report
  13. Thyroid gland
  14. ADHD (children younger than 10 years old)


What do the 41 analysis data tell us?

  • Everything in the green range - no questionable values
  • The blue range shows slight tendencies to yellow on in the indicated ranges of health-conscious life
  • In the yellow area one is well advised to live more health-conscious
  • Limit values are exceeded in the red zone. Contact a trusted doctor, therapist or alternative practitioner, work out therapy suggestions together. elect.
Unambiguous definition of the BQAS-LIFESTYLE-PLAYER device in the sense of science and orthodox medicine - naturally, the Complementary-Physicians and health-related alternative thinking people differently!
A) Important notice for consumers:
As a matter of principle, we do not carry out diagnoses, therapies or treatments in the medical sense. Our measurements cannot replace psychological or physiological treatment. Promises of healing as well as promises of success are not given. For possible therapies, please refer to a doctor, therapist or alternative practitioner!
B) Notice to consumers:

The BQAS- BIO QUANTUM ANALYSIS SYSTEM is a "lifestyle player" - "game device" and not a medical device. Analytical evaluations with the BQAS - BIO QUANTUM ANALYSIS SYSTEM are not of importance from a medical point of view, therefore they are not recognized by science and orthodox medicine. The analysis with the BQAS - BIO QUANTUM ANALYSIS SYSTEM does not substitute for any conventional medical recognized diagnostic methods.

From the analysis interpretation, resulting from the BQAS- BIO QUANTUM ANALYSIS SYSTEM test, no meaningful medically recognized diagnoses or health conditions or measured values of the user can be derived. Diagnoses and therapeutic measures can only be made and initiated by doctors, therapists or alternative practitioners. Results and measured values from the BQAS- BIO QUANTUM ANALYSIS SYSTEM test can be falsified due to incorrect application, situational condition and/or lifestyle of the user. Fact: BQAS is a "lifestyle player" - a game device that plays with body function analysis, which does not fulfill the stated, advertised performance - so from the point of view of science, orthodox medicine, electronic engineers. Buyers of this device make their purchase decision voluntarily and at their own risk, knowing these facts. 

A large number of homeopaths and complementary physicians throughout Europe have been working with BIORESONANCE for many years and have successfully reversed the polarity of allergies, etc. using bioresonance devices.

"Weeping": BQAS users use the device to the fullest satisfaction, there has not been a single complaint to date. Can all this be humbug, just because the electronic engineers, the orthodox medicine, the science does not know anything about electromagnetic waves, gravitational waves or sound waves and scalar waves? Was Nicola Tesla even a charlatan? 

Is there a double standard here?

The manufacturer and distributor of this "LIFESTYLE-PLAYER" device named BQAS- BIO QUANTUM ANALYSIS SYSTEM do not assume any other liability or guarantee or warranty for the measurement accuracy or informative value of the measurement data or interpretation by this system. Fact: The buyer/user uses the BIO QUANTUM ANALYSIS SYSTEM on his own initiative, voluntarily and independently, taking note of the facts described above, so that no liability whatsoever is assumed by the manufacturer and distributor for personal injury and/or damage to property resulting from measurement data or measurement results." Scalar waves (also scalar wave) are hypothetical, electromagnetic waves. They differ from conventional electromagnetic waves in that they propagate in the direction of a field pointer (longitudinal waves) through a plane of oscillation parallel to the direction of propagation. Although they appear as gravitational waves or sound waves, they have fantastic properties especially as electric and magnetic field phenomena.

The "LIFESTYLE-PLAYER" device " BIO QUANTUM ANALYSIS SYSTEM " is protected by trademark! * "BQAS BIO QUANTUM ANALYSIS SYSTEM" measurement parameters are patent pending! * All rights reserved by: INNOVA SWISS AG. * BQAS hardware Country of origin: China. BQAS software: USA