KAPILLAR-MIKROSKOP the Laser-Watch-Controller - now new with 12 Inces image sharpness
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KAPILLAR-MIKROSKOP the Laser-Watch-Controller - now new with 12 Inces image sharpness


The control device after each laser watch therapy

Field of application: The capillary microscope is used to check the Laser-Watch therapy in use for dizziness, cardiovascular weakness, circulatory disorders.

possibility of control: With the finger test you can check after each Laser-Watch therapy whether and how the blood flow in the capillaries has improved.

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About 5 million people in Germany are affected by a circulatory disorder!
Source: https://krank.de/krankheiten/durchblutungsstoerung/

Control with the capillary control microscope.

Control can be vital!

If the Capillary microscope is switched on, you have to smear your fingertip a little with baby oil before holding it under the magnifying glass. Then turn the dial until the image becomes "sharp" and the capillaries appear on the screen. This Capillary microscope is not only easy to use. You can check immediately after the Laser Watch treatment how the blood flow was stimulated and how the capillaries move.

This Capillary microscope (new with 12 inches - sharper picture) simply belongs to the Laser Watch to it. You will be delighted with the efficiency of both devices.

Immediate control of the capillaries makes sense (Use: to control the blood flow in the capillaries) with the capillary microscope

The microscope is easy to use. When it is set up and switched on, proceed as follows:

  • The skin and nail fold capillary microscopy is performed on your fingers.
  • Oil a fingernail with a cotton swab with natural baby oil. Make sure you use the right amount of oil. Too much oil leads to mirror bruises.
  • Place the oiled finger under the microscope loupe.
  • Adjust the image sharpness by turning the black knob.
  • Adjust the height of the magnifying glass and the sharpness of the image by turning the knob until the capillaries are visible.
  • The lighting needs to be adjusted so that there are no light points.

Nail bed capillary microscopy - simple and effective

At present, nail bed capillary microscopy is the simplest and most efficient method for analysing microcirculatory and circulatory disorders.

Especially in early stages of the disease, peripheral microangiopathy can be detected and examined very well by capillary microscopy.

Therapies that are compatible with the Laser Watch can be immediately checked for efficiency with the capillary microscope measurement.

Capillary microscopy is the only simple, non-invasive method that allows direct examination and assessment of the microcirculation, skin and appearance of the capillaries.

In this way, organic capillary damage or diseases can be detected in good time. This procedure plays an important diagnostic role, particularly in the diagnosis of connective tissue diseases (e.g. scleroderma) or in the diagnosis of inflammatory vascular diseases.

From the appearance and spatial distribution of these smallest vessels, as well as from the blood flow, which can also be detected, statements can be made about disturbances in microcirculation (microangiopathy).

Buy LASER WATCH now: The capillary microscope is the "control device" to monitor therapeutic success with LASER WATCH (in case of cardiovascular problems, blood circulation is improved), to be able to monitor the situation continuously. The LASER WATCH is the therapy device you need to have for this.

The Laser Watch is an innovative 3-in-1 device that helps against cardiovascular problems & applies the latest research results in the field of low-energy laser therapy. It combines acupuncture, local pain therapy and external blood irradiation. The Laser Watch becomes your ideal companion, whether at home, at work or on the road.