LASER WATCH gegen Herz Kreislauf Probleme
LASER WATCH against heart circulation problems
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LASER WATCH against heart circulation problems


For cardiovascular disorders

Field of application: For dizziness, cardiovascular weakness, circulatory problems. The red and blue light therapy serves to naturally stimulate the capillaries (blood circulation).

Control possibilityt: With the microscope you can control / follow the red / B blue therapy!

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About 5 million people in Germany are affected by a circulatory disorder! Source: Control can be vital!

Treatment principle

The semiconductor laser therapy instrument is an important aspect in quantum medicine. The low-energy 650 nm laser can irradiate the circulating blood in the vessels of the acupuncture point of the left hand and the mucous membrane tissue in the nasal cavity, thus creating the photoelectric, biological effect. This alters the molecular structure of protein (enzyme and other functional proteins) in the blood, causing the organism to produce a number of biological effects in response to the therapy, including Translated with (free version)

  • Changes in the flow properties of blood, lower whole blood and plasma viscosity, platelet aggregation capacity and the increased malleability of red blood cells up to the reduction of blood clotting, elimination of thrombosis formation and improved blood circulation, especially with regard to microcirculation.
  • Adaptation of the immune state of the body (including humoral cellular immunity), improved disease resistance of the organism and help in recovery from infectious diseases and allergic and autoimmune diseases.

650 nm red and 450 nm blue light therapy

The pain relief probe uses 650 nm red laser as well as the 450 nm blue light and red light to reach the pain point with a non-invasive irradiation in order to penetrate to the meridian. To cure diseases, the inflamed edema must first be absorbed to clean the meridian and the canal, so that more biological enzyme can be produced.

Acupuncture and pain therapy

The Laser Watch is an innovative 3-in-1 device that helps against cardiovascular problems & applies the latest research in the field of low-energy laser therapy. It combines acupuncture, local pain therapy and external blood irradiation. The Laser Watch will become your ideal companion, whether at home, at work or on the road.

The Laser Watch includes a "Padding" for surface irradiation (pain therapy), a Ear applicator (e.g. tinnitus) an Nasenapplikator (rhinitis, allergies, etc.). The wrist diodes are designed to directly irradiate and stimulate the acupuncture points, which calm the nerves and heart rhythm and contribute to muscle relaxation.

The laser light causes an increased production of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin regulates our internal clock and thus controls the sleep cycle of our body. An increased amount of melatonin helps you sleep better and more relaxed. It also prevents jet lag after long flights.

Risks of increased blood viscosity

The blood is the source of human life. There are four blood components: blood plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

The red blood cells transport the blood oxygen and various nutrients to our organs. As we get older and due to our lifestyle, different types of fats, cholesterol and other waste products stick together the blood cells. This causes an increased viscosity of the blood, which leads to a reduction in the fluidity of the blood.

This means that the blood cannot flow sufficiently through the blood vessel wall. This means that the blood can transport less oxygen and nutrients to our body organs.

As a result, the metabolism becomes more difficult and causes problems with microcirculation.

The contaminated and viscous blood causes a number of microcirculation problems, which Hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and even stroke can result.

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TONGLI acupuncture point:In traditional Chinese medicine, this point is used for the heart meridian acupuncture point as part of complementary therapy.

LINGDAO acupuncture point: In traditional Chinese medicine, this area mainly acts to calm the heart and nerves and to cleanse or activate the meridians as part of complementary therapy.

INEIGUAN Acupuncture point: Causes a mutual adjustment of the heartbeat. Increases coronary blood flow in myocardial ischaemia. Increased myocardial contractility, improvement of heart function. Laser is used to irradiate this acupuncture point. Experts believe that this is an outstanding function for treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


  • The nasal cavity is extremely rich in capillaries.
  • A weak laser with the right wavelength and the appropriate power density for irradiation can cause a reaction of the organism, i.e. laser-biological effects. The functional parameters of the light quantum laser therapy instrument are selected and determined on the basis of the above mentioned in order to ensure the effects of therapy and health care.

IRRADIATION OF PAINFUL BODY PARTS : The 650 nm laser penetrates directly into the ASHI acupuncture point (pain point). Activated, biological enzymes strengthen the phagocytic cell and lysozyme activity to absorb inflammatory excretions and oedema, promote meridian and pain point blood circulation, so that body pain is effectively relieved.

Irradiation graphic equipment for Laser Watch

Central treatment functions

Additional purchase:

Capillary microscope

This Capillary microscope is not only easy to operate, but can be used immediately after treatment with the Laser-Watch check how the blood circulation has been stimulated and how the capillaries move.  This Capillary microscope belongs simply for control purposes to Laser-Watch to this. You will be amazed at the efficiency of both devices. Here you can order the Capillary microscope.

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