NADH-ENERGY-CHEWING-GUM (Display mit 12 Blister) mit belebender Wirkung und frischem Pfefferminz-Geschmack
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NADH-ENERGY-CHEWING-GUM (Display mit 12 Blister) mit belebender Wirkung und frischem Pfefferminz-Geschmack


Blister packaging: 1 blister = 12 chewing gum
Price/Blister: € 9,95 x 12 Blister = € 119,40

Minimum order at special price:
1 display = 12 blisters = 144 chewing gum      Price € 109,95 - you save € 9,45

Delivery-delivery to EU countries-countries-pays:

> from central warehouse/Austria - carriage paid to customer

> from magazine/Austria of charge to customers in all EU countries

> du magazine/Autriche gratuit pour les clients de tous les pays de l'UE


Since we carriage paid customer in Europe, it is not possible to send single blister = 12 chewing gum for € 9,95.

Note quantity scale prices!
A) from 3 displays with 36 blisters: € 96,65 (you save € 13,30 per display)
B) from 5 Dispalys with 60 blisters: € 93,99 (you save € 15,96 per display)
C) from 10 Dispalys with 120 blisters: € 89,99 (you save € 19,96 per display)
From 100 Dispalys = 1200 blisters Price - on request


Target group
Pupils, students, working people, pensioners. In short, all people who need daily natural energy - breath freshness - a "pick-me-up",
Need concentration and reaction!
- Guarana makes tired people awake again
- Strengthening in case of reaction and concentration deficiencies
- natural energy supply strengthens short-term memory
- Helps to increase and maintain motivation
- Breath freshness through peppermint

- Xylitol (sugar substitute)
- NADH coenzyme 1 (10 mg per chewing gum)
- Guarana extract
- Sunflower lecithin
- Natural peppermint - fruit aroma
- vegan
- sugar free
Does not contain: Sugar, yeast, dairy products
100 % vegetarian, suitable for diabetics.
XYLIT (birch sugar), this sugar substitute is also suitable for diabetics, as it is broken down independently of insulin. It is helpful against caries. Studies have
show that xylitol promotes dental health and prevents caries. It also stimulates the flow of saliva, which supports self-cleaning in the mouth. This
also helps to regenerate the gums.
NADH is an enzymatic cofactor and indispensably responsible for the production of ATP, the natural main energy supplier of the cells.

GUARANA is a plant native to parts of South America. The seeds has a high concentration of caffeine as well as other stimulants and
these have been valued by primitive peoples for thousands of years as a natural source of energy. GUARANA is used as a gentle alternative to coffee for the
body is called. Unlike coffee, the caffeine of guarana does not attack the mucous membranes of the stomach, nor does it have side effects. Guarana works
invigorating and curbs both feelings of hunger and thirst. Caffeine also dilates blood vessels, which has a positive effect on headaches, also
the psyche benefits. Consequently, concentration is stimulated by stimulating certain nerve cells and fatigue decreases. In addition
caffeine also has a positive effect on the skin. The substance is said to have a circulation-promoting, skin-tightening and decongestant effect.
GUARANA is therefore also included in some products for the care of the skin.
SUNFLOWER LECITHIN supplies the body with plenty of choline and phosphorus - and that's really good! So lecithin supports the heart, the
brain, the liver and the immune system. It helps with cardiovascular problems, poor concentration and problems with short-term memory.
Recommended intake: The recommended daily amount is no more than 4 gum. The use of 1-2 Chewing Gum can already after a short time their effects
therefore should not be taken together with alcohol. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Not suitable for pregnant women and children under
12 years. Keep out of reach of small children. Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet,
which is important together with a healthy lifestyle.
Consumption recommendation only for consumers/SWITZERLAND: 1 chewing gum daily! (According to Swiss food law).