SPORT-NADH plus BCAA (package content 30 lozenges)
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SPORT-NADH plus BCAA (package content 30 lozenges)


Special offers! Extension due to high demand for the time being until 31.12.2023:
Aktion-A1: Bei Bestellung ab 2 (zwei) NADH–Produkten, erhalten Sie den weltneuen „B3 NADH ENERGY CHEWING GUM“ kostenlos zum Testen dazu.
Aktion-A2: Bei Bestellung ab 4 (vier) NADH–Produkten, you will receive the world-new "B3 NADH ENERGY CHEWING GUM" free of charge for testing purposes... plus a BLISTERBOX in addition!
Aktion-A3: Bei Bestellung ab 6 (sechs) NADH–Produkten, you will receive the world-new "B3 NADH ENERGY CHEWING GUM" free of charge for testing purposes... plus 1 BLISTERBOX, plus 1 BIO MAGNET ARMBAND... plus 1 new BADETASCHE from INNOVA-SWISS in addition!

Recommended: für Sportler und Atheleten – new with peppermint flavor!

Production: Austria

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Recommended: Sportler und Athleten

NADH plus BCAA amino-mix - New on the market a sublingual absorption of the active ingredient by lozenges - quick effect

Diese funktionell kombinierten NADH – Lutschpastillen mit den BCAAs Leucin, Isoleucin, Valin wurden speziell für aktive Sportler und auch Athleten entwickelt.

Recommended intake: Put 1-2 sublingual tablets (lozenges) under your tongue and let them melt. The sublingual tablets (lozenges) dissolve quickly. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of small children. Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet, which is important together with a healthy lifestyle.
Recommended consumption only for consumers/SWITZERLAND: 1 sublingual tablet (lozenges) per day (according to Swiss food law).

Value-Determining Inhaltsstoffe

Ingredientsper 1 lozengeper 2 lozenges
Leucine200 mg400 mg
Isoleucine100 mg200 mg
Valine100 mg200 mg
D-Ribose50 mg100 mg
NADH20 mg40 mg

Ingredients: Sweeteners: isomalt, leucine, isoleucine, valine, D-ribose powder, NADH powder, anti-caking agent: starch, acidity regulator: sodium hydrogen carbonate, fruit flavor. Sugar free.
Does not contain: Sugar, Caffeine, Yeast, Dairy products, Preservatives.

100 % vegetarian, vegan, suitable for diabetics.