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Nutrition and health claims on food (European Health Claims Regulations) Regulatory scope of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006

Nutrition and health claims on food (health claims) Regulatory area of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006

Dear customer, end user, consumer!

According to the HC regulation, we are prohibited from making claims, healing statements etc. about the raw materials and active ingredients used in food supplements.

What is allowed, what are we allowed to report about active ingredients in GNP-NADH products, will you legitimately ask? Everything that is proven in studies is over, full stop! 

For example, what can we say about the "NADH Chlorella"(microalgae) with the active ingredient chlorophyll? Unfortunately nothing!

We cannot and do not wish to oppose this regulation, particularly as it is our opinion that a buyer has the right to know whether, to take the example of "chlorella algae", the active substance chlorophyll contained in it is suitable for Dyeing hair should - because chlorophyll colours the leaves green - or is it possible to effectively effect the natural purification of the body organs? Guess what?

There is a solution for everything, we offer a "practicable" solution for this too: Serious internet forums and platforms dealing with herbal - medicinal raw materials provide comprehensive information about the properties of herbal, chemical raw materials and active ingredients used in food supplements. Also about those, which are still available under NOVEL FOOD are listed. Please inform yourself on these pages.

All the active ingredients contained in our GNP-NADH food supplements are listed on our website per product under "Description listed without comment.

Many thanks for your understanding!


...we do something!



PS: According to Swiss food law, the daily consumption of NADH Coenzyme 1 to 20 mg limited. Unlike the EUROPEAN HEALTH CLAIMS REGULATIONS which state that there is no daily mg limit for NADH Conzym 1.

Reason: NADH is absorbed by the human body only in the amount it needs. In addition, the raw material is excreted naturally, as with vitamin C. The Swiss food law sees it differently (unfoundedly), which is why every NADH product has an extra label: Recommended consumption only for our consumers/Switzerland:.......

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