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I know smoking is unhealthy, what else.....

Overcome smoking: Why do people smoke?

The good news is that you can also prevent the consequences that smoking causes.

It is well known:
  • that one puff of a cigarette carries about 1,000 radicals into the lungs. 
  • that smoking is one of the main causes of oxidative stress, consequently associated with diseases.
  • that vascular damage is also due to free radicals
  • That vitamins and nutrients such as: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Zinc, Selenium help the body and your cells to prevent the greatest damage
  • In the following, you will learn that NADH is a particularly effective, vegetarian and bioavailable dietary supplement for the protection of body cells that have been badly affected by smoking:

That is why NADH is so important in overcoming smoking?

1. NADH is cell energy

- The more energy a cell has, the higher its functionality and lifetime.
- NADH as biological energy fuel, brings fresh energy for the cells.
- In the case of NADH deficiency, the cell lacks this vital cell energy.
- If the energy balance in the body is balanced, this also increases the life span of the cells.

2. NADH repairs damaged DNA

NADH stands for cell protection - cell regeneration - cell renewal.
- NADH can provide significant protection against environmental toxins, chemicals and other pollutants.
- NADH can also alleviate any side effects of medications.

3. NADH is a powerful antioxidant

As such, this exceptionally powerful antioxidant provides effective protection against free radicals.
- NADH helps the body's cells to protect themselves from oxidative stress and damage.

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4. NADH promotes metabolism

It is involved in over 1,000 metabolic processes every day.

5. NADH strengthens the immune system

NADH can stimulate the biosynthesis of interleukin-6 in the blood, which are the body's own messenger substances of the
cells of the immune system, many times over.

6. daily NADH - or stop smoking

Letting one NADH lozenge dissolve under the tongue daily should be a "must have" be like the daily cigarette.
- The sensible cheap option is: "Stop smoking" - "STOP SMOKING.

We therefore recommend smokers who cannot quit smoking to take a GNP-NADH product daily.

We from INNOVA SWISS see our task as helping people,
even if they have vices. Only criticizing is not an art!

Please choose between these 3 GNP-NADH products:

What our satisfied customers say

Every morning in the morning I take the NADH Business lozenges from Innova-Swiss, it tastes very good and I notice already after a few minutes an increased energy supply.

Simon Putz

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