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On this page "NADH" is explained in a simple and understandable way.

Please scroll down and read the answers to " all" important questions about NADH.

GNP NADH products are manufactured in Austria for the entire world market. We have also been supplying customers in China and Taiwan with our NADH products for many years via country distributors. 

Only raw materials tested and certified by a state-authorized laboratory in Austria, Switzerland or Germany are used.

Why is the raw material NADH vital?

The more NADH is available to the cells, the more energy is produced, and vice versa!

NADH is the most important supplier of cell energy:

  • NADH Coenzyme 1 increases cell energy!
  • NADH is biological hydrogen, which uses oxygen to generate energy in the cell.
  • NADH is the strongest antioxidant and effective protection against free radicals.
  • No single molecule and antioxidant in the human organism is more vital than the cellular active ingredient NADH.
  • Through respiration, NADH reacts in every cell with the oxygen that we take in, producing the universal energy molecule ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and water, which is found in every cell.
  • The more ATP a cell has available (ATP is only increased in the cell by NADH), the better it functions and the longer it lives and the better the Nadh effect.
  • NADH prolongs the life of cells, tissues and body organs. Especially the mitochondria are of enormous importance for the regeneration and repair of already damaged cells. NADH promotes the regeneration of already damaged cells up to cell renewal - scientifically proven.

You don't have to be sick, even if you have a lack of energy, listlessness, exhaustion, or if you just don't feel well, then NADH unfolds its natural effect.

Stefan Hammer

Questions & Answers

Dr. med. Stefan Hammer answers your questions!

In which foods does NADH occur?

Mainly in meat, fish and poultry, in smaller amounts also in fruits and vegetables. The highest NADH content is found in the heart and wing muscles of birds.

Since NADH is lost during the cooking process, and is also destroyed by stomach acid, it is necessary to balance the NADH requirement by taking NADH supplements.

What does one gain NADH from?

NADH is obtained from brewer's yeast, which contains very high amounts of NAD+. This NAD+ is then converted into NADH by means of enzymes. However, NADH is harmless for yeast allergy sufferers. It is 99.9% pure substance and as a processed active ingredient no longer contains any traces of yeast.

What is NADH - Coenzyme1 - Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Hydrogen?

NADH stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydrogen and is the activated form of niacin (vitamin B3). NADH, also known as coenzyme 1, occurs naturally in every body and plant cell and is an important factor for energy increase and cell growth.

NADH is a substance produced naturally in the body:

  • NADH can not be overdosed
  • NADH does not falsify blood values
  • NADH effect is proven by numerous studies

Important: Studies in the USA prove that NADH lozenges - tablets - capsules, which do not contain more than 10 mg NADH, do not provide the desired effect - because they are underdosed!  

NADH and NAD+ - What is the difference?

The most important difference between NADH and NAD+ is that NADH has been shown to enter the cell and increase ATP energy production. Thus, when the cell has more energy, it can make all the molecules necessary for cell regulation in sufficient quantities. NAD+ does NOT go into the cell and therefore cannot make ATP. This has been proven in the study. Also, the precursors of NAD+ such as nicotinamide ribosides or NMN (Nicotinamide MonoNucleotides) do not pass through the cell membrane because the two are positively charged molecules. They cannot penetrate the lipid layer of the cell membrane. This statement is made clear by the following diagram shown here.

There are more than 50 publications of scientific studies on the biological functions and therapeutic effects of NADH, as well as many studies have been published on the safety and absence of side effects of NADH.. The following facts speak for the difference between NADH and NAD+: There are only isolated scientific studies of NAD+. On the tolerability of NAD+, a single study with 8 (eight) healthy middle-aged people has been conducted so far. The unsurprising result was that the 8 participants tolerated NAD+ well (3). However, the NAD+ molecules are too large and thus cannot diffuse across the cell membrane. It is also important to note that NAD+ in its pure form is NOT a nutrient and thus cannot be taken through food or supplements (4). According to clinical studies, NMN supplements increase NAD+ to youthful levels. NADH, however, is found in many foods and is available as dietary supplements around the world. NADH also has at least 3 scientifically proven anti-aging effects. There are 3 main phenomena responsible for aging: (a) Decrease in ATP - energy production in cells. NADH increases ATP energy production in the cell (b) Damage to DNA by environmental toxins, radiation and chemotherapy. NADH can repair damaged DNA and cells. (c) Oxidation and damage of cell membrane. NADH acts as a powerful biological antioxidant. NAD+ as the oxidized form of NADH can NEVER act as an antioxidant.

Is NADH vegan?

Yes, the active ingredient NADH is vegan (derived from brewer's yeast) and contains no animal products.

Is NADH doping-free?

Yes, original NADH by GNP/USA-EUROPA is doping-free, confirmed by Dr. Patrick Schamasch, Medical and Scientific Director of the IOC.

Which foods contain NADH?

NADH coenzyme 1 is found in the following foods:

  • meat
  • fish
  • B. Sardines, mackerel, herring,)
  • vegetables
  • soybeans
  • onions
  • potatoes
  • spinach
  • Brussels sprouts
  • and broccoli
  • fruit
  • Ávocados
  • egg
  • cold pressed vegetable oils
  • like olive oil
  • and wheat germ oil.
  • Nuts (e.g. hazelnuts)

What are enzymes and how do they work?

An enzyme, (ferment), is a substance consisting of giant biological molecules that can act as a catalyst to accelerate a chemical reaction. Most enzymes are proteins (protein bodies).

What is NADH Coenzyme 1?

NADH, Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Hydride, is a coenzyme that is involved in many metabolic processes in the human body. Since it is essential for the body, it can also produce NADH itself. NADH plays a major role in providing energy in the body's cells. Coenzyme 1 is an energy supplier, it helps in energy production, its action stands to produce energy. Coenzyme 1 helps in the production of energy in the body cells (mitochondria). Prof. Hademar Bankhofer (AUT)

"NADH, the body's own coenzyme 1 and a vital cellular agent. It is a powerful antioxidant, an effective protection against free radicals as well as a potential metabolism stimulator. NADH strengthens the immune power in the body and quickly restores the energy balance in the body in case of energy deficiency. I have also been taking NADH daily for years because it gives me vitality and keeps me healthy and vital".

Are all vitamins coenzymes?

(B1, B2-complex, B6, B12, H) and vitamin K are precursors of important coenzymes that are vital for all cells. Vitamins A,C,D & E are needed only by higher organisms.

Do NADH products have side effects - interactions?

All GNP-NADH products are tested and certified according to the EU HEALTH CLAIMS REGULATIONS by the Austrian Food Inspectorate AGES and/or TU-Technische Universität Graz. They are free of side effects, free of interactions (in numerous scientific studies no interactions with other drugs were found), sugar-free, caffeine-free, doping-free, 100% vegetarian and suitable for diabetics. NADH has also been confirmed as doping-free by the International Olympic Committee.

Can NADH be taken during pregnancy & nursing?


Can babies / toddlers also take NADH products?

Yes, infants can take NADH. Babies do not need to be fed NADH by nature yet.

How fast does NADH work?

With our Business NADH and NADH Young Generation LOZENGES the NADH effect already occurs after 15-30 minutes. These sublingual lozenges are absorbed by the oral mucosa and immediately transported to the brain. Proven with medical devices (heart rate variability=HRV) and on the ergometer. 

With the NADH SUGGESTION BLOCKS (e.g. BENADH) the effect occurs within 2 hours (also lasts 24 hours) because they must first pass through the stomach to be absorbed in the intestine. A special filming of the tablets protects them from destruction by gastric acid.

The NADH effect can give them more energy for the day and give them other benefits with the combination of other active ingredients.

What is the shelf life of GNP-NADH products?

The "best before" date (Best e.g. 05/2022) is printed on each GNP NADH product package. It is 24 months from the month of manufacture. For your own safety, please make sure that the "best before date" is printed by machine on the packaging and not stuck on with a label.

You should know that: Customers who bought and consumed NADH products from competitors told us after they switched to us that the stated NADH effect was missing in the products - that is, they were ineffective.

We know this, because due to numerous such messages, we have had some competitor products laboratory tested in the form of an HPLC column test for the NADH content of the tablet/pastille/capsule.

Sobering conclusion: in 95% of the tested products, only 10-20% or no NADH at all was present from the stated NADH amount. This is fraud on the customer!

There is no expired product on the market for our GNP-NADH products, because we exchange all products that have not been sold up to one month before the expiration date (MHD) for new products free of charge to our distributors/resellers. 

GNP, you can rely on us!

Color of GNP lozenges/tablets!

Attention: All GNP-NADH products (lozenges, tablets) are natural in color and not chemically bleached white!

What does coenzyme Q10 functionally combined with NADH do?

Original quote from the GNP-NADH ADVICE BOOK: Prof. Prof. h.c.. VRC Dr. Frank Bahr

According to my personal research, the two endogenous coenzymes Q10 (Ubichino -10) and NADH Conzym 1 have a very strong resonance to the acupuncture meridian of the lung and there especially to the acupuncture point lung 7. This reflex area is within acupuncture one of the most important at all and is therefore called "cardinal point" and "master point" in classical acupuncture.

The point Lung 7 has a very special energetic meaning as a cardinal point and its "masterly effect" refers to everything that happens in the chest area, i.e. for the positive influence of lungs and heart.

Experiences of our acupuncture experts indicate that the combination preparation NADH COMPLEX + coenzyme Q10 - formula QX|10 - lozenges (consisting of two coenzymes ubiquinone-10 and coenzyme 1 - NADH) can be used completely identically to the acupuncture of the point lung 7.

In severe cases, NADH COMPLEX + Coenzyme Q10 - Formula QX|10 (recommended dosage 1-2 lozenges) should be used together with acupuncture. To prevent relapse, NADH COMPLEX + Coenzyme Q10 - Formula QX|10 should be continued for 2 weeks after acupuncture. In all other cases, only NADH COMPLEX + Coenzyme Q10 - Formula QX|10 should be given and acupuncture should not be performed at the same time.

If only the initial energetic situation is to be improved, it is sufficient to take NADH COMPLEX + Coenzyme Q10 Formula QX|10 only 1 x daily."

When should you take NADH Coenzyme 1? How much NADH tablets- lozenges daily? (Daily dose)

Attention important: Please do not be tempted by NADH tablets with 50 mg NADH and more per tablet/day. By doing so, you are only doing the supplier a favor. Only your doctor should recommend such a high dose. Numerous studies in the USA and Europe, conducted by physicians who have been working with NADH products for years, have shown that 20 mg per tablet is already a high dose and is sufficient for 95% of patients as a daily dose. However, it is crucial to take NADH on a long-term basis, so that the body can gently adjust and change.

GNP NADH products are highly dosed, with 20 mg or 22 mg NADH per lozenge/microtablet/tablet. 1-2 pieces per day, administered in the morning or during the day, are usually sufficient. Depending on your needs, you can increase the daily dose up to 100 mg NADH without risk, However, it should be discussed with the doctor beforehand.because the body only absorbs the amount of NADH that is necessary to establish the energy balance in the body. The rest is excreted naturally through the kidneys and urine.

What are functionally combined NADH products?

These are the 12 GNP-NADH-Productsin which the active ingredient NADH is functionally combined with other active ingredients.

How does NADH work in cosmetic products?

Not at all - we'll tell you why:

Important to know: Numerous laboratory studies in the USA and also in Europe have shown that NADH as an active ingredient in a serum, gel, balm, or skin cream is becomes unstable, as it reacts to the humidity of the air. The active ingredient NADH is immediately destroyed when the respective container is opened several times, i.e. the product is ineffective. For the so valuable active ingredient NADH, air humidity is still an insurmountable problem. Some very renowned cosmetics manufacturers have therefore discontinued such trials with NADH. There is currently no liquid NADH cosmetic - with proven NADH effect - on the world market.

NADH Skin Gel" - made in Austria

The Laboratory Analysis Certificate, from one commissioned by an Italian customer, of an Austrian-made "NADH Skin Gel"performed by an Austrian analytical laboratory, has been submitted to the Italian lawyer in writing. 

The test result is sobering! Six months after the date of manufacture, only 10 % NADH of the specified NADH content was present in the product. When the same product was tested again two months later, no NADH was present in the product at all. The problem again lies in the moisture (wetness) which destroys the raw material NADH. Too bad for the money!

What is a blister?

"Blister" is from the packaging industry. This term is used to describe visible packaging that allows customers to see the contents without opening the package. Since the NADH raw material in tablets is light-sensitive, GNP-NADH tablets are packed light-protected with non-transparent blister film.

What is blister packaging?

GNP NADH lozenges/micro tablets/tablets are packed in specially prefabricated plastic films, with bulges for insertion of lozenges/micro tablets/tablets. The back of tablet blisters is marked with the product name and the aluminum foil on it is sealed diffusion-tight. The diffusion tightness (also called vapor barrier value) thus given protects the NADH from atmospheric moisture. Hygienic, this type of packaging not only facilitates dosage, but also protects against incorrect ingestion. The problem is again the humidity.

Where are all GNP-NADH products manufactured?

GNP OREGON/USA is the general licensor for GNP/AUSTRIA as general licensee. All GNP NADH products that are available for purchase on this website are manufactured by GNP/Austria in Austria for EUROPE - ASIA - U.A.E.. So you buy here NADH products directly from the manufacturer and general distributor. 

Important: GNP uses only the raw material NADH from the manufacturer ROCHE DEUTSCHLAND for all GNP NADH PRODUCTS.

Attention: Chinese manufacturer have been pushing the raw material NADH from China production into the European market for quite some time - still unsuccessfully - thank God, because there are no credible certificates of authenticity from China that are recognized in the EU!

To note: We at GNP have a cooperation office in Schenzhen/China and have had Chinese NADH samples lab tested. The supplied certificates were all fake, the raw material purity was an imposition, the price ex factory China was not an issue. You have to know that the raw material NADH has to be delivered frozen minus 22° Celsius - have fun from China. 

Therefore, please ask, before you buy a NADH product, where the raw material NADH comes from. The seller is obliged to tell you. If he does not - he does not know, please hands off.

Again: The raw material NADH for all GNP-NADH-Products comes from the house ROCHE-GERMANY.

Important: If you still don't feel any effect from a NADH product after taking it for two months, you shouldn't doubt the raw material NADH - but reconsider the source of supply. We tell you why:

  • NADH has a shelf life of 24 months - expired NADH is ineffective.
  • Be careful with products where the lot no. and the best before date (Best before...) are stuck on the folding boxes.
  • Compare the Lot. No. on the blister with that on the package - it must be the same. This comparison is not possible for capsules and tablets packed loose in cans - unfortunately!

There are NADH products from competitors on the market who spend vast sums of money on Internet advertising, but offer products that have been expired for months - repackaged and with a new best before date printed on them - unabashedly back on the market. With capsules and tablets, which are packed in cans - a child's play - because with the "Blister only the Lot No. must be printed on. This means that expired blisters are packed in new folding boxes, and the old lot number with the new expiration date is printed/glued onto these folding boxes. And off goes the sale with expired goods! However, this is cheating the customer!

But this is fraud on the customer and punishable by law. There is no such thing at GNP, because we exchange all GNP NADH products, which have not been sold up to one month before the expiration of the best before date, for new GNP NADH products free of charge to each of our resellers. Seriousness and honesty towards the customer is our highest priority.

Conclusion: There is no expired GNP NADH product on the market.

GNP-USA commissioned laboratory testing on 5 NADH products from five different NADH product suppliers from Austria and Germany, 18 months before expiration date (MHD).

Frightening result: No product contained more than 10% of the raw material NADH indicated on the packaging.

Effect of NADH coenzyme 1 on Covid 19?

Numerous of our cooperating physicians and therapists have reported that people suffering from COVID 19, who continue to experience symptoms such as fatigue, severe headache and pain in the limbs, bronchial pain, shortness of breath, a lack of ability to concentrate and react, and mood swings even after the virus infection, have had their condition significantly improved by taking NADH (at least 20-60 mg) daily. Some patients who took high-dose NADH daily for three to four months no longer complained of such problems. GNP-NADH pure products "BUSINESS NADH" (lozenge) as well as "BENADH" micro tablet are recommended.

How does NADH work in the body?

Through respiration, NADH reacts in every cell with the oxygen we take in, creating the universal energy molecule ATP (adenosine triphosphate) found in every cell, and water. The more ATP a cell has available (ATP is only increased in the cell by NADH), the better it functions and the longer it lives. That is at least the short explanation of the NADH effect.

Important note: In the case of NADH products that are loosely packed in cans (i.e. not packed in blisters), the active ingredient NADH is destroyed by the humidity in the air within a very short time if the can is opened several times. Microencapsulation - although it sounds exciting - also does not provide sufficient diffusion protection.

Al GNP NADH products are therefore specially packed blister, so that the valuable active ingredient protected becomes.

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